Vegetarian Table d’hôte

Chefs appetiser


Compressed cucumber, apple, dill, radish (VG)

Heritage tomato salad, comté panna cotta, tomato foam, basil (VG)

Crispy polenta, textures of garlic, basil, lemon (V)


Pea and mint ravioli, heritage carrot, baby gem (V)

Herritage carrots, parsley, mushrooms, shallot, pistachio (VG)

Dauphinoise potato, mediterranean veg, tomatoes, broad beans (V)


Peach, raspberry, almond, buttermilk, thyme (VG

Strawberry, clotted cream, sweet meadow mousse, basil (VG)

Carrot cake, camomile ice cream, orange, raisin (V)

Chocolate, cherry, vanilla, pistachio (VG)




Coffee and petit fours (5.00 supplement)


36 Two courses

45 Three courses





* All vegetarian dishes can be prepared as either a starter or main course

(VG) = These dishes can be vegan on request