Vegetarian Table d’hôte

Chefs appetiser


Sweetcorn and coconut soup, burnt butter crumb, coriander (VG)

Textures of beetroot, horseradish, wild puffed rice (VG)

Celeriac, red cabbage, sherry vinaigrette (VG)


Sweet potato gnocchi, cavolo nero, pumpkin seeds, yuzu (VG)

Textures of parsnip, mashed potato, poached pear (VG)

Roasted Jerusalam artichoke, shallot puree, oyster mushrooms (VG)


Lemon meringue, Calvados, apple

Orange cake, ginger parfait, rhubarb (VG)

Tiramisu, coffee ice cream

A selection of cheese


Coffee and petit fours (5.00 supplement)

36 Two courses

45 Three courses

* All vegetarian dishes can be prepared as either a starter or main course

(VG) = These dishes can be vegan on request