Vegetarian Table d’hôte

Chef’s appetiser


Heritage carrot salad, lemon yogurt, dukkha crumb*

Hazelnut gnocchi, apple, kohlrabi*

Textures of garlic and mushroom*


Mushroom tortellini, shallot, wild garlic

New potato, textures of cucumber*

Mediterranean vegetables, dauphinoise potato, cherry tomato*


Textures of chocolate, buttermilk, mint*

Pear, lemon & honey, Greek yogurt*

Banana, salted caramel, cream cheese, tonka bean*

Rhubarb, pistachio & blood orange tart*

A selection of cheese



Coffee and petit fours (5.00 supplement)


37 Two courses

47 Three courses


All vegetarian dishes can be prepared as either a starter or main course

* = These dishes can be vegan on request